Industrial Gas Fitter Brisbane

Are you in need of industrial appliance repair?

Finding a qualified industrial gas fitter Brisbane expert can be somewhat of a challenge since many gas fitters may not meet the standards or experience required to carry out industrial gas fittings.

Well there is no need to worry anymore. RPG Plumbing is fully qualified to deliver gas fitting services for both residential and commercial needs.
More importantly, we are fully licensed and experienced as an industrial gas fitter Brisbane.

Industrial Gas Fitting Expertise

Areas of Expertise

We offer a wide range of services for both light and heavy industries which include the following:

  • Industrial gas appliance installation
  • Commissioning of industrial gas appliances
  • Removal of industrial gas appliances
  • Alteration
  • Maintenance of industrial gas appliances including gas safety audits
  • Repair of industrial gas appliances
  • Certification of various brands and types of gas i.e. LPG, Bio-gas and Natural gas
  • Annual gas fired appliance safety checks
  • Gas leak detection and repair.

Who are our customers?

Our customer base is varied ranging from light industries to heavy industrial businesses.

The light industry applications include laundry equipment, bakery ovens, drying ovens, small furnaces, and spray booths among others. Their heavier counterparts include steam and water boilers as well as water heaters, furnaces and kilns, incinerators and cremators, gas flares, furnaces and kilns and other gas-fired appliances.

The next time you require industrial appliance repair, don’t just reach for any gas fitter; check their qualifications and experience, and be certain that they are certified to carry out Type B gas work. By hiring a fully licensed industrial gas fitter Brisbane businesses will be assured of:

  • Safe installation, commissioning, removal or repair, which is crucial to any business
  • Receiving the right advice
  • Keeping their warranties and insurance covers valid
  • High quality work that does not cut corners
  • The expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable gas fitter.
Industrial Gas Fitting customers

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RPG Plumbing is an accredited member of the Master Plumbers Association Queensland and the Queensland Gas Association.
We hold Type A and Type B Qualifications and you can take comfort in our ability to handle all types of gas fitting work including heavy industrial.

Our members of staff undergo rigorous training and continuous assessment to ensure we stay abreast of industrial developments, including the latest technological advancements and safety.

Our goal is to create an environment that is safe for you and your team and to ensure business continuity through proper installation and effective repair work.

Do you need an industrial appliance repair or industrial gas fitter Brisbane, talk to us today!