Different Types of Hot Water Systems

What Are the Different Types of Hot Water Systems for Your Home?

Choosing a hot water system for your home can sometimes seem overwhelming due to the large number of different types of hot water systems that are available.

So what types of hot water systems are out there? The answer is there are several different options, all with specific features that may or may not suit your needs or location.

Let’s shed some light on the different types of hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water System

Where a gas connection is available, users will find this system extremely efficient and also cost-effective since water is only heated as needed. This system will usually be installed outside for venting purposes and can comfortably serve large households. If you are using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) bottles in place of natural gas, you may end up spending more on running costs, and will need to arrange regular delivery of replacement bottles.

Electric Hot Water System

An electric hot water system is generally the cheapest to purchase and install however they can have high running costs. If the system is connected to off-peak tariffs, you can pay less, however you will need a much larger tank since water is heated overnight and it needs to last you through the day. You will want to take into account your energy usage and costs with this system.

Solar Hot Water System

This system comprises of solar pumps and a water tank and is run by solar energy. Purchase and installation costs are higher but the running costs are lower over time. The panels need to be installed (usually on the roof) correctly so as to get maximum energy from the sun, otherwise your system may not work effectively. It is environmentally friendly and is ideal for warm climates that receive a lot of sunlight. You also have the option of installing a gas or electric booster for the not-so-sunny days.

Heat Pump

A heat pump works in the same way as a refrigerator or air conditioning unit since it extracts heat from the air then uses it to heat up the water in the tank. Heat pumps work best in warm and temperate areas however there are models designed to work in cool climates. Heat pumps are highly efficient and have low running costs. Installation costs are higher and the pump can get noisy so when choosing an installation location outdoors, it is important to find a place away from the neighbours to install it.

At RPG, we have extensive knowledge of the different types of hot water systems available on the market and can offer you professional advice when it comes to selecting the best one for your home.

We offer various hot water system services including:

  • New hot water system installation
  • Replacement of hot water systems
  • Repairing leaking appliances and hot water taps
  • Installation of efficient shower heads and taps
  • Regulation of hot water temperatures and flow
  • Emergency plumbing or gas callouts.

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What Are the Different Types of Hot Water Systems for Your Home?