A Guide for Installing a Rainwater Tank at your Home

A Guide for Installing a Rainwater Tank at Your Home

Are you looking for experts in rainwater tanks Brisbane? RPG Plumbing are professional plumbers skilled in installation, maintenance, cleaning and repairing rainwater tanks.

A rainwater tank can be described as a covered tank (or several covered tanks) that are used for the collection and storage of rainwater from the roof of a building. Rainwater tanks can be made of polyethylene, stainless steel or concrete and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Why should I install a rainwater tank?

There are many benefits that come with installing a rainwater tank at your home.

Our hot climate, previous drought conditions and water restrictions have made rainwater tanks a necessity for many homes in the Brisbane area.

By installing rainwater tanks Brisbane residents can take control of their water consumption and see a considerable reduction in their water utility bill.

The harvested rainwater can serve many purposes including:

  • Laundry cleaning
  • Car washing
  • Toilet flushing
  • Watering your garden
  • Filling up the swimming pool.

You can also choose to connect the tank to your home’s internal plumbing and profit from consistent supply of water without relying on mainstream water supply.

Considerations to keep in mind

When installing rainwater tanks Brisbane homeowners should consider the following:

  • Your water needs will help you determine the size of the rainwater tank. The more use you have for water, the larger the size of the tank needed.
  • The positioning of the tank: Will the tank stay above ground or under it? The location you choose for the tank will also determine the size and shape of the tank. It is important to find out what your building regulations say about where the tank can be located. The location should be easy to access for maintenance sake.
  • City Council Approval: Always check to see if you need approval of the local council before installing a rainwater tank. An experienced rainwater tank installer such as RPG Plumbing can advise on this.
  • Getting the services of a professional plumber: It is crucial to hire a licensed plumber to do the job.

If you need a pump installed, be sure to have it installed far from your bedrooms or the neighbour’s property because pumps tend to get quite noisy when in operation.

Additionally, if your home is in a bushfire overlay area, you will need to check what the minimum requirements are for onsite water storage. Normally, you will need to have separate water storage solely for fire-fighting purposes.

At RPG Plumbing, we also install leaf strainers, filters, downpipe kits to ensure cleanliness and optimal performance of your tank.

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A Guide for Installing a Rainwater Tank at Your Home