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RPG Plumbing provides water & gas plumbing services for homes, businesses, commercial & industrial properties all across Brisbane North. We will deal with emergencies & new installations for projects of any size, from toilet leaks, leaking taps, grey water system to installing and replacing pipes.

Every day we help dozens of clients all around the Brisbane region with everything from plumbing disasters, to installations and complete fit-outs. Whatever you may need, we have the expertise, the parts and the manpower to see the job done quickly and affordably.

What we value most at RPG Plumbing is excellent time management and tight job deadlines that allow us to provide far more customer value than our competitors.
We arrive with all the tools and parts needed for any job. Cutting down on the number of trips we need to fix your problem or install your new system.

It’s all part of our service guarantee, and we’re always working on ways to improve and build upon what we offer to our customers every day.
If you’re looking for one of the best plumbers in Northside Brisbane, look no further than RPG Plumbing, because we’ve always got you covered.


RPG Plumbing:
We’re proud to serve the people and businesses of Brisbane

As the go-to plumber in Brisbane north, we understand the importance of strong community ties that are built on trust and respect. That’s why we go the extra mile with the provision of our plumbing services. We create and maintain long-term relationships with our customers, working tirelessly to provide the best possible plumbing services that we can.

Our operation is simple, we take your call, book you in, and get a plumber to your door as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a simple repair or a full structure installation, we put our all into every job, to give our customers plumbing that stands up to the harsh test of time.

If you’re unsure about the work of your current plumber or are looking to make the switch to a plumber in Brisbane north that puts the wellbeing of its local community first. It’s time to give one of our friendly staff at RPG Plumbing a call today.

Plumbing in Brisbane Northside? We’ve got you covered!

We’re all dependent on the clean supply of water in our homes and businesses. So much so that even a minor issue can completely disrupt our day-to-day lives. What makes proper plumbing maintenance and repair so crucial, is that issues can arise in any building with the occupants being completely unaware until the worst happens.

Fortunately, when disaster strikes, our friendly staff at RPG Plumbing are on hand to help with all aspects of plumbing in Brisbane Northside. With decades of experience under our belt, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

Whether you’re in the middle of an emergency or simply want to make the most of the plumbing infrastructure in your home or business, check out our range of services below to see how we can help you.

Hot water systems

We rely on our hot water systems to heat our homes and provide steady hot water on demand. We can carry out routine servicing and maintenance to help them function optimally as well as make repairs when necessary.

Leaking taps and toilets

Stop those water bills from skyrocketing. We fix leaks quickly and make sure they stay fixed!

Repairs and replacements

From repairing burst pipes to replacing hot water systems, we provide the plumbing services that get your home or business back up and running quick-smart!

Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning and maintenance is the bread and butter work of every plumber in Brisbane north. We make sure that your drains are clear, clean and can handle your day to day grey water system production easily.

New installations

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or building a brand new one. We provide the expert advice and service you need to safeguard your infrastructure into the future.

We’re the team that can assist in all aspects of plumbing in Brisbane Northside. From the first time you call to the completion of our work, you can rest assured that RPG Plumbing has your best interests in mind every time.


Emergency plumbing services now, not later!

Coming home to find flooded floors and water damaged walls is everyone’s worst nightmare. We know that in these unfortunate circumstances you need the help of fast and responsive plumbers in Northside Brisbane. At RPG Plumbing your emergency is always our top priority and we show that by arriving on the scene as quickly as we can.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fix blocked drains and toilets, mending and replacing pipes that have burst, stop gas leaks and provide any other emergency plumbing services you may need.

We’re the reliable experts in Brisbane Northside that you need by your side in the event of a plumbing disaster. 

Commercial and Industrial? No problem!

By no means are our services limited to domestic jobs! If you need a Brisbane plumber for your commercial or industrial property, look no further. We have the tools, the talent and the manpower to ensure that all your commercial and industrial plumbing needs are met.

Whether you’re looking for new installations or routine maintenance and repairs for your industrial site, we rise to any challenge that comes our way!

Gas Connection Experts

Why are we the right plumber in Brisbane North for you?

We understand just how important it is to be able to rely on your plumber and gas fitter.
That’s why we build our reputation on not only our expertise but the professional rapport we establish with our customers.
Working without rest every day, we ensure that the trust you place in us is well earned.

With decades of experience, we strive for excellence in every job we carry out.
We’re fully certified, qualified and insured for your peace of mind and our work ethic is driven by customer service. You won’t find another Brisbane plumber who does more to put you first.

We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our services are widely recommended throughout the Brisbane region.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today to see what our Brisbane plumbers can do for your home or business.