Rainwater Tank Installation

Rainwater Tank Installation Brisbane

As the name implies, a rainwater tank is designed to catch rainwater that falls on your roof, then funnelling the water into pipes directly into a water tank storage system. In Australia, it makes great sense to install a rainwater tank.

Why install a rainwater tank? Installing a rainwater tank will save you money in the long run, along with the obvious environmental benefits, if you have the need, the room – then call in a water tank plumber from RPG Plumbing.

You can use a water tank for many uses, most commonly people call an RPG water tank plumber to install water tanks for gardening purposes. Other applications are available, depending on your requirements, At RPG Plumbing, we have a selection of quality tanks for domestic and commercial.

If you’re looking for one of the best plumbers in Northside Brisbane, look no further than RPG Plumbing, because we’ve always got you covered.

What is a Rainwater Tank?

A rainwater tank can be made of several materials, depending on the climate, house structure and manufacturer. Some of the most common materials are steel, fibreglass and plastic.

Usually, all good rainwater tanks will have defence measures to prevent water contamination, insects entering the tank and any other particles or debris from the air or rain.

It is a great way to save money with rising water prices around Brisbane and around the globe. You also have the added benefit of knowing your environmental footprint is lower than those around you. At RPG Plumbing, we can install rainwater tanks that hold anywhere from 300-5000 litres in water, meaning whatever your water usage needs, our team of professionals have you covered. Would you like to know how to install a rainwater tank? We’re happy to explain our rainwater tank installation process.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Our RPG Plumbing professionals will have your tank installed in no time. We use only the highest-quality materials and plumbing systems to ensure your tank lasts for years and it keeps your water bills low, time and time again.

Here are the general steps we follow for rainwater tank installation:

Step 1:

Measure your space to determine what size of tank is possible.

Step 2:

Protect your gutters from falling debris.

Step 3:

Protect your gutters from falling debris.


Step 4:

Connect the rainwater tank to a fill-up system, which will rely on mains water when rainfall is low.

Step 5:

Fit pumps and pipes to connect to rainwater tank to desired area (eg. toilet).


Step 6:

Install measurement mechanisms to allow you to check tank level.

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