Burst Pipes Repair & Replacement

Burst Pipes Repair & Replacement Brisbane:
How to Cope with a Pipe Bursting

A pipe bursting can be a stressful, expensive event in any household or office.

They happen for lots of different reasons – from extreme weather conditions to hard water in your area or even a build-up of rust within the pipe.

There is nothing worse than facing a burst pipe in your office or home and having to wait for hours before you can find a plumber.
This risks serious damage to your building’s infrastructure and can jeopardise safety.

We realise the gravity of emergency plumbing issues for both your home and your office, which is why we’re trained,
experienced and available all hours of the day to react quickly to your pipe bursting and remove the stress and worry from the situation.

Why Might Your Water Pipe Burst

Water pipes burst for three main reasons: extreme temperatures, a build-up of rust in the pipe or exceptionally hard water in your area running through the pipe.

Rust: Most older pipes are made from the typical materials of steel, lead and iron. These metals are prone to rusting through exposure to water and air. The rust then weakens the pipe, which can result in it bursting.

Hard water: Similar to rust, the calcium and magnesium found in very hard water can build up in your pipes and weaken them significantly. These weakened areas are now more prone to bursting.

Cold temperatures: water expands between 5-10% when it freezes, meaning that the water which normally would fit in your pipe becomes too large for it, causing it to burst. When the water thaws, you have a big problem.

What to do After a Water Pipe Burst

Once your pipe bursts, you need to act very quickly to limit the damage to your home or office. If you don’t act quickly, the infrastructure of your house or office could be seriously damaged, resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs.

Here are our expert’s top four tips to deal with a pipe bursting:

Step 1:

Turn off water supply immediately and open one or two taps to allow remaining water to drain out safely.

Step 2:

Call professionals straight away.

Step 3:

Mop up any water that has spilt over the building and place buckets under the falling water.

Step 4:

Ventilate the affected area well.

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Our team of qualified professionals have decades of experience dealing with burst pipes and so can react quickly, efficiently and calmly to ensure that any damage to your home or office is absolutely minimal.

Don’t worry about your pipe bursting, we will be on hand to if your water pipe burst.