Commercial Gas Fitting Services

Commercial Gas Fitting Services:
Commercial Gas Appliance Service

At RPG Plumbing, we understand what it means to run a business.

Natural gas heating is a great choice for any business across all industries because of its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and ease of installation.
We’re here to help you start saving money and time today. As a leading commercial gas appliance service, you don’t need to look any further than our team of experts.

We offer a full range of gas fitting and installation services and are available to make sure that the disruption to your business is minimal, letting you get back to work.

Put Your Trust in An Industry-Leading Commercial Gas Fitter

At RPG Plumbing, we are active members of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland and the Queensland Gas Association so you can rest assured that you are putting your business in the most accredited, professional and experienced gas fitters in Queensland.

If fitted incorrectly, natural gas in your office could lead to serious health and safety hazards for you and your staff. This would mean considerable disruption to business and more time and effort wasted on your part.

That’s why we hold all the required qualifications to ensure our work is of the highest standards and grounded in decades of industry experience as a provider of commercial gas appliance service. This makes us your commercial gas fitter of choice.

Why Choose Natural Gas for Your Business

You may be wondering why you should choose a commercial gas appliance service for your business over other methods of heating like electric.

As an expert commercial gas fitter we have summed up some of the main benefits associated with a commercial gas appliance service:

Lower energy billsLower energy bills. Natural gas tends to be a cheaper option throughout Australia than electricity. When running a business, cost-saving measures are a top priority.

Less waiting timeLess waiting time. Natural gas heating systems take on average half as much time to heat a certain amount of water than any other heating system. This means employees and customers alike won’t have to suffer through cold water in the morning for long.

Low installation costLow installation cost. Most commercial properties in Queensland are relatively close to pre-existing gas lines, meaning your installation cost would be relatively low.

Increase your green ratingIncrease your green rating. With environmental impact becoming increasingly important to companies around the world, natural gas allows you to increase your green rating. It is the cleanest option in terms of fossil fuels used for heating, allowing you to reduce your environmental impact and improve your green rating.

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