Are Leaking Taps Considered Urgent Repairs?

As professional plumbers, we’re often asked if Are leaking taps considered urgent repairs? In this article, you’ll find out. 

We’re professional plumbers and gasfitters with an emergency plumbing service component to assist residents and businesses in need of immediate assistance. But what constitutes an emergency or urgent repair?

In this article, we discuss whether you should consider a leaking tap an urgent repair, what problems may be considered urgent and if a leaking tap can cause major issues when ignored.

Can a Leaking Tap Be Considered an Urgent Repair?

This is a bit of a complicated question, with no one direct answer, unfortunately. While a leaking tap can be considered an urgent repair, especially if it’s an indication of a more serious problem, it’s not always categorised as an emergency.

Should You Call Our Emergency Service with a Leaking Tap?

As professional plumbers and gasfitters we understand that you can’t always guarantee when something is going to go wrong with your plumbing.

Whether or not you should get in touch with a emergency plumbing service such as that we offer at RPG Plumbing to deal with a leaking tap really depends on a few factors, including:


Where the leaking tap is located within your property may impact on whether we would categorise a leaking tap as something we would attend to in the middle of the night, or something that could wait until morning, during regular business hours.


While we try to be as fair as possible with our emergency service, we are only human so it’s important to consider the severity of the leaking tap before reaching out for assistance outside business hours.

For instance, if your leak is only really slightly more than a drip, and is safely contained in a sink without causing problems to other areas of your home or office, it can probably wait until the next day. It is, of course, urgent and should be rectified as soon as practicable, but it’s not necessarily a be-all-end-all problem that needs attention in the middle of the night when you and your family are trying to sleep.

Cost & Time

Sometimes, it’s necessary to charge an additional fee when clients call the emergency line. While most professional plumbing outfits (including ours) try to keep these overheads down where possible, it’s not always the case, especially when you consider access to additional parts required may be limited outside of hours.

That’s why we encourage clients to consider the cost and time involved when reporting a leaking tap as an urgent repair. If it’s not actually urgent or causing hazards for you and your family, it’s likely not to be an emergency and something that is best dealt with in office hours.

When are Leaking Taps Considered Urgent repairs?

A leaking tap may be considered urgent (in this case, worthy of a call to our emergency service) when it is:

  • an indication of a burst water pipe, or caused by a burst water pipe
  • causing a disruption to water supply in other areas of the house
  • may be hazardous (for instance, if it’s causing flooding or electrical interference)
  • is part of storm damage

When to Contact RPG Plumbing

If you require plumbing work completed in your home – particularly in an emergency situation – you need to be certain that you’re working with a professional. Our team members are experts in a number of plumbing and gas related issues as well as maintenance and repair solutions.

We complete all our work to the highest standards, with little to no disruption where possible.

To find out whether your leaking tap may be considered urgent, talk to the professionals at RPG Plumbing today. 

Are Leaking Taps Considered Urgent Repairs?