Why You Need a Licensed Plumber

Why You Need a Licensed Plumber: A Master Plumbers QLD Plumber

So why bother making sure you hire a Master Plumbers Qld plumber, or licensed plumber for your plumbing work.

There are many reasons why you need a Master Plumbers Association Queensland plumber. The most important of these reasons are listed below:

A Master Plumbers Qld Plumber is Qualified and Knowledgeable

Plumbers go through extensive training before they can receive certification to practise plumbing. This training both in theory and practically helps them hone their skills as they work with others who are already masters in the practice. Only fully qualified and experienced plumbers can be a member of Master Plumbers Qld. So when working with a master plumber, you know that you are working with someone who is knowledge and skillful in their job and recognised by an industry leading organisation.

A Master Plumber is Answerable to Professional Body

All Master Plumbers Qld plumbers must conduct their business professionally and in accordance with the professional body’s code of conduct. The code ensures that work is only delivered to the highest standard and in a professional manner. Plumbers who don’t adhere to the guidelines can’t be members of Master Plumbers Qld.

A Master Plumber Carries Out Certified Work

Nothing voids your warranty and insurance faster than using an unlicensed plumber or an unqualified handyman. In the event of faulty work or damage do your property and appliances, the manufacturer and insurance company can easily negate any responsibility since installation or repairs were not carried out by someone who is certified. A licensed plumber, and members of Master Plumbers Qld, are fully certified to carry out plumbing work.

A Go-to Person

It is always easier dealing with one person for all your plumbing needs. No one wants to spend time explaining a situation over and over to different plumbers. The rapport created between you and your plumber gives you a sense of comfort knowing you can always call on them for whatever you need. From installation of new appliances, to unclogging drains or to simply asking plumbing questions, your go-to plumber will be ready to attend to you.

If you go with a licensed plumber, and one who is a member of Master Plumbers Qld then you know you can stick with them.

Our Services

RPG Plumbing is an active member of the Master Plumbers Association Queensland and the Queensland Gas Association.

As such, we are committed to providing safe and superior service to all our customers.

We offer:

  • Installation of plumbing system throughout the home and in commercial spaces
  • Installation of rainwater tanks
  • Installation of hot water systems
  • Installation of water-efficient taps and showerheads
  • Installation of gas system and gas appliance including repairs and conversions
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Leaking taps, shower heads and toilets
  • Burst pipes repairs and replacement
  • Unblocking drains and drain cleaning
  • Industrial plumbing services
  • Industrial gas fitting services.

If you need a licensed plumber you can trust, who is also a Master Plumbers WLD member, contact RPG Plumbing today. Call (07) 3339 1543, email info@rpgplumbing.com.au or simply fill out a form

Why You Need a Licensed Plumber: A Master Plumbers QLD Plumber