Different Types of Hot Water Systems

As professional plumbers specialising in the installation and maintenance of hot water systems, one question we’re frequently asked is if you need to service your hot water system. In this article, we’ll discuss the answer, if it’s something you can do yourself, when you might need a hot water system service and when to call in the professionals from RPG Plumbing.

Do You Need to Service Your Hot Water System?

The short answer to this question is yes, you do need to service your hot water system regularly to ensure it’s running correctly.

While we can’t necessarily guarantee that your hot water system will not run into problems, or fail you when you least expect it, a hot water system service completed by a professional will help prevent potential issues which may lead to failure.

Can You Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water System if You Arrange Servicing?

Research strongly suggests you may double your hot water system’s lifespan with regular servicing such as that we offer by our professional team at RPG Plumbing.

What Happens if You Don’t Service Your Hot Water System?

Some people go a long time between hot water services, or can get away with not servicing their hot water systems, but as professionals we know that that’s really just luck. Failure to service your system within the recommended time frame may result in serious issues with your hot water supply and could end up costing you a lot more money in maintenance and repair costs than if you’d chosen to have it serviced regularly.

How Do You Know When Your Hot Water System is Due For Service?

The best place to start if you don’t know when your hot water system is due for service is with the manufacturer’s warranty. This will have all the information you need relating to how regularly you need a system service.

Can You Perform a Hot Water System Yourself?

No. We would never recommend servicing a hot water system yourself as doing so can be dangerous or damage your system. We always recommend contacting our professional technicians for all hot water service requirements.

When to Call in the Professionals at RPG Plumbing

If you think your hot water system is due for a service call, or you’ve never had your hot water system serviced, it’s time to call in the professionals at RPG Plumbing.

To find out more about your hot water servicing needs, or to book a service, contact RPG Plumbing today. 

Do You Need to Service Hot Water Systems?

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