New Home Plumbing

How Plumbing is installed into a home – Part 1

A new home plumbing system is often one of the most overlooked parts of a building project, with homeowners giving more attention to aesthetics and features they can see.

However, if you want your new home to last, you will want to give some thought to getting a professional plumber in on the plan at the beginning.

So, when talking about a new home plumbing, what exactly is involved?

New home plumbing installation

For anyone building a house, it is important to reach out to the local authorities that deal with water, gas, electricity, drainage and sewerage to ascertain that these services are provided in the area you want to build. It is also important to find out if there any special fees or regulations to be adhered to before begin putting up the house.

A new home plumbing system comprises of four parts namely: cold water supply, hot water supply, gas system and sewerage system. These four systems support the easy flow of water (and gas) in and out of the home.

Cold Water Supply System

This is the main water supply system that will be connected to the city or town’s main water supply or to a rainwater tank if this is your main supply of water. A pipe is connected to the water meter before branching off into other water pipes that supply cold water to the different taps (and shower head) around the house. Stop valves will be placed in different parts of the home to ensure that if the tap serving a particular area, say the kitchen, gets damaged then only water coming to the kitchen area will be shut off and not the main supply for the entire house.

Hot Water Supply System

The chief component of this system is the water heater, which can be electric, gas or solar powered and in some cases by a heat pump. The hot water system will heat water to the desired temperature and supply this hot water to the various hot water taps and showerheads.

Gas System

Gas systems are gaining popularity in many Australian homes due to their efficiency levels. A gas fitter will install the gas system to be used for heating, cooking and/or other household uses.

Sewerage System

All the other systems bring water into the house but this particular system is in charge of getting water and waste out of the house. A series of drain pipes serving the kitchen sink, other sinks within the home, toilet, bathtub and bathroom drain, transport effluent into the main pipe, which drains into the main sewer system in your area. For safety purposes, a plumber will install a P-trap at the mouth of every drain to prevent foul gasses from coming back up into the home, and a vent to eject these gasses from the system.

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How Plumbing is installed into a home – Part 1