Why is My Tap Water Discoloured?

Is your tap water discoloured and you don’t know why? Then this is the article for you.

Here we’ll discuss whether discoloured tap water is safe to drink, what problems it may indicate and when you should contact the experts at RPG Plumbing.

Is Discoloured Water Safe to Drink?

Most of the time, it is fairly safe to drink discoloured tap water. It just depends on the extent of the discolouration and the colour of the discolouration. For instance, if the discolouration of the water continues for a prolonged period, or starts to taste strange, you should probably avoid drinking it.

If this is the case, we recommend – after determining that your local water authority is not performing regular maintenance in the area – contacting a professional plumber

What is Hard Water? 

Water that contains naturally forming metals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates (chalk) is known as hard water. Being especially common in South East Queensland, it is perfectly safe to drink and will not likely cause any adverse health issues. The only problem you may find is the presence of soap scum, or a lack of foam and lather.

Why is My Water Discoloured? 

There are several reasons your water may be discoloured, and the reason for the discolouration can often help determine the issue, and whether it’s something you should seek assistance from the team at RPG Plumbing for.

Let’s go through the different types of discolouration and what it could indicate:

Milky Water 

Generally speaking, milky water (i.e. water that has air bubbles) is an indication that the water main has air in it. This will usually clear over time, as sometimes it may result from your water authority conducting works in your local area. But if this is not the case, it may be a symptom of an overheating water system.

Dirty Water 

Over time, pipes start to corrode and can cause sediment to appear in your water. As with milky water, it is usually not too much of an issue and often rectifies itself. However, if it is something that concerns you, or is a problem that remains persistent, you should contact a qualified plumber for a professional diagnosis.

Orange, Yellow or Black Water

Water that is orange, yellow or black indicates the presence of manganese or another type of metal. Most of the time, it is safe to drink and only a temporary problem that can be cleared by running your tap for 10 to 15 minutes.

It is worth noting, however, that we would not recommend washing lighter coloured laundry when the problem is present as doing so will likely result in staining.

Again, you should seek assistance from your professional plumber if the issue continues.

What Can A Professional Plumber Do To Fix These Issues? 

Once you’ve determined that there is no regional work being conducted in your local area that would cause the discoloured water, it’s likely to be centralised to your property. This is especially the case if your neighbours aren’t experiencing the same issue.

Having a professional plumbing inspection completed will identify the root cause of the problem and offer you solutions for how to address it. 

For instance, if your discolouration is ongoing and you’re worried about the health of your family, it could be that (as we said when discussing milky water), the issue lies in your water heater.

In other cases, you might have a problem with your pipes. Or it could be as simple as having a water filter installed. Either way – if the discolouration is ongoing – you should talk to your local plumbing service to see how it can be rectified, as leaving such things untreated could lead to more significant problems down the road.

When to Contact RPG Plumbing 

If you are concerned about the taste, colour or consistency of your water – or the problem is persistent and restricted to your property alone – it’s best to speak to one of our experts at RPG Plumbing.

Our team members are prompt, professional, efficient and always willing to provide you with advice and solutions regarding the quality of your tap water.

With access to the latest tools and technology, we have the means to identify plumbing problems before they become a major issue, and are never far away when you need our assistance.

To arrange for a professional inspection from a qualified plumber at RPG Plumbing, contact us today. 

Why is My Tap Water Discoloured?