Why do Toilets Leak?

Why do toilets leak? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common reasons why toilet leaks, if you can fix these issues yourself, and when to contact the professionals at RPG Plumbing. 

Common Reasons Why Toilets Leak 

There are several reasons why toilets leak. In this section, we’ll break them down and provide you with all the information you’ll need about the issue.

Cracked Tank or Bowl 

Cracks in the tank or bowl of your toilet aren’t always a major problem. But, over time, they can lead to more severe damage, which may result in extensive plumbing problems (beyond the replacement of your toilet).

Dodgy Flush Valve Assembly 

If your toilet is constantly running or dripping, it may signal an interior issue to do with the misalignment of a flush valve. 

Worn Out Seals in Base

If there is water pooling at the base of your toilet, it’s a clear indication the seal has come to the end of its lifespan.

Loose Connections 

A toilet is held together by lots of different working parts, such as nuts and gaskets. While they are designed to last a long time, when they do come loose, you may find your toilet leaks frequently.

Rusted Pipes 

As pipes age, they rust. While this isn’t a huge problem, they can result in a crack. This will mean even more plumbing problems, which is why it’s best to address the issue early on.

Can I Fix my Toilets Leak Myself? 

The numerous DIY articles and videos on the internet will tell you that it’s easy to fix a leaking toilet without ringing a plumber. In our experience, this almost never goes well, and usually results in making the issue a lot worse than it was.

As such, repairing a leaky toilet yourself is something we would never recommend to our clients.

When to Call RPG Plumbing for Toilet Leaks 

If you have a leaky toilet, the best course of action we can recommend is to call us at RPG Plumbing. Our experienced, professional team members have the qualifications and skills to repair or replace your toilet with little to no disruption.

To arrange for a service on your leaky toilet – or any other plumbing issues – call the experts at RPG Plumbing today. 

Why do Toilets Leak?