Dealing with Leaking Pipes at Home

How Do Plumbers Detect Leaks?

If you’re asking yourself how do plumbers detect leaks, this is the article for you. Here we’ll be discussing answers to the question how do plumbers find leaks, which solution might be best for your stubborn water leak, and when to call in the professionals from RPG Plumbing.

How do plumbers detect leaks?

If you’re constantly Googling how to fix water leaks or how to source water leaks, you’ve probably asked yourself this very question: how do plumbers detect leaks?

When trying to find a leak in your home, professional plumbers offer a water leak locator or detection service to accurately detect the location of your leak and fix the issue with minimal interruption to your life, or damage to your property. This can be done a variety of ways, which we will explore below.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a popular answer to the question how do plumbers find leaks because of its effectiveness. Essentially, thermal imaging is an accurate and thorough way of detecting the presence of a leak without cutting into your wall or plasterboard.

It’s all conducted externally to the wall, with leaks showing up on digital equipment by assessing the difference in the temperature and gauging temperature changes.


CCTV is like thermal imaging in that it allows your professional plumber to detect where the leak is with minimal to no damage. By feeding a camera in through your pipes or storm drain, plumbers like those on the RPG team are able to see visual images of where the leak is.

But unlike thermal imaging, CCTV gives plumbers an accurate, real-time image of the wall where the leak exists. It’s a lot like the CCTV used for security, making it even more precise solution to the question how do plumbers detect leaks.

Acoustic Listening Technology

Acoustic listening technology is another great technical solution we like to use when answering the question how do plumbers find leaks.
Every leak sounds different and the acoustics within your walls are different when a leak is present in your property.

By listening for and to these sound-waves, plumbers are able to pinpoint where the leak is in your home and what they can do to access it and complete repairs.

Which Answer is Best for My Leak?

When answering how do plumbers detect leaks within a client’s home using the techniques we’ve previously listed, there are a few things we need to consider.

While we have listed all types of answers to the question how do plumbers detect leaks in properties for the purpose of this article, it doesn’t necessarily mean all plumbers use all methods of leak detection and it’s important to keep that in mind.

Some plumbers only use certain techniques as part of their leak detection service, often because it’s the most reliable method they have found, or they prefer a particular method over others.

It doesn’t make one method superior over another, as all methods are effective at finding the leak with minimal to no damage to your property.

Where the leak is might also influence the answer to how do plumbers find leaks, as some solutions may be better than others if you think your leak is in a tricky location.

When to Call in RPG Plumbing

It’s probably best to leave leak detection to the professionals. If you think you have a leak in your property, but don’t know where it is or how to fix it, call the experts at RPG Plumbing.

We are highly trained professionals with up-to-date skills in leak detection techniques so will source your leak and fix the problem quickly and effectively.
For more information on our answers to how do plumbers detect leaks, or to book a service, call us today!

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How Do Plumbers Detect Leaks?