Professional Licensed Gas Plumber

How to Choose a Professional Gas Plumber: Licensed Gas Plumber Tips

Gas plays an important part in our lives – we use it for cooking, heating, hot water generation, among others things so it makes sense that you choose a licensed gas plumber to handle any gas or gas-related issues that you have.

Going DIY on gas is extremely dangerous and hiring an ordinary handyperson can result in severe repercussions that will put you and your loved ones at risk.

To shed more light on what gas fitters do, let us look at the roles of a licensed gas plumber:

  • Installation of gas appliances for domestic, commercial and industrial use
  • Installation of gas detection as well as pressure-regulating systems
  • Installation of gas appliance flues
  • Gas connection and conversion
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of hot water systems
  • Installation and repair of gas appliances
  • Gas bottle installation
  • Gas leak repairs and testing.

So, how do you choose a licensed gas plumber?

Some of the key things you should look out for include:

Are they licensed by a professional body?

Gas requires special handling due to its flammable nature. You are within your right to ask to see their certification. Before receiving certification, gas fitters undergo training that teaches them how to handle gas and appliances that use gas. This training includes installation, disconnection, maintenance, and repairs.

They are certified gas fitters not just plumbers

Gas fitters are not necessarily plumbers and vice versa. We do have plumbers who have taken additional classes to become a licensed gas plumber and gas fitter but it does not apply to everyone. Again be sure to see certification that you are dealing with a licensed gas plumber.

Do they have insurance in place?

An insured and licensed gas plumber will have the right insurance covers in place to take care of any damage to your property as well as injury related to the work.

Research their reputation

Nowadays it easy to find information online – research the gas fitter and ensure they are a licensed gas plumber. Reputation reviews are the proof of their quality of work. Also, check out how they respond to clients as well, as it may translate to you once you become their customer.

RPG Plumbing is a member of Queensland Gas Association. We are a certified and licensed gas plumber business committed to providing safe gas for your use. It definitely pays to deal with a professional when it comes to something as dangerous as gas.

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How to Choose a Professional Gas Plumber: Licensed Gas Plumber Tips