Plumbing Narangba: Why I trust RPG Plumbing and Gas

At RPG Plumbing and Gas Narangba, we often post about our services to help customers understand solutions to their plumbing and gas issues.

But this time we are mixing it up and have asked one of our local customers why they have trusted us for several years now for their Narangba properties. 

This is an article about his plumbing experiences in Narangba and why he trusts RPG Plumbing and Gas.

Plumbing Narangba: Why I trust RPG Plumbing and Gas

Local customer experience

As someone who owns a few rental properties in Narangba, finding a reliable plumber and gas fitter has always been a priority for me. I will be honest, a local plumber is not someone I need that often, but when do, I need to know they have my back.

I have been asked to share my experiences and why I have settled on Ryan and RPG as the only Narangba plumber that I now call and recommend.

Broad experience

My modest portfolio includes a couple of houses in residential areas and an acreage property. Our own home is also on acreage. So, there is a fair bit going on including tenants, taps, rain tanks, pumps, septic and home sewerage treatment systems, gas appliances etc.

Having RPG on hand with their broad experience under one roof covers everything I need and is convenient. This covers anything we are likely to need across all our plumbing, drainage, gas, residential and rural infrastructure.

Trustworthy customer service

For me this is the main reason I call Ryan when I have an issue. He just gets it when it comes to customer expectation and service. Prior to finding RPG, I have had experiences you would not believe!

Ryan just gets things done and there are never any issues like that. He is old school in that nothing gets done unless it is done properly. I like that and the confidence that a quality service brings knowing there are not likely to be issues down the track.

Reliability and communication

Reliability is another big issue for me as I have also been let down in the past when other providers have taken on a job or commitment to quote, and do not turn up or call.

With RPG, I cannot recall a time when I have called, and Ryan has not either pick-up, or gotten back to me that day. The communication is great, and he gets how important that is when you are busy and trying to get things done.

Good advice

Advice is also another crucial factor. There have been numerous occasions where I have had a property related issue and Ryan has been generous with his time and advice to get the best, most cost-effective solution. I have recommended friends to RPG, and they have all said the same thing.  

Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Surprises

I have never had a problem with RPG’s pricing that I think is competitive. You get what you pay for, and I would rather have a good service vs. a cheap one anyway and issues later. Everything is transparent also which helps in terms of quotes and or understanding the hourly rates that apply.

Personal service

I think with RPG the thing that ties this all together, is a genuine personal service that cares about the customer. RPG is big enough to have either Ryan or one of the team available when you need them. But they are also small enough to not forget to provide a personal service.

I really wanted to find someone to deal with directly, not talk a call centre located somewhere in India which so many businesses do these days. You can even book a call back or book a job straight into the RPG website which is also convenient.

I can highly recommend RPG Plumbing and Gas. 





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Plumbing Narangba: Why I trust RPG Plumbing and Gas