Why Choose an Electric Hot Water System

As professional plumbers, we’re often asked about the benefits of choosing an electric hot water system for your home.

It’s an age old debate: electric versus gas versus solar hot water systems. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should choose an electric hot water system over other options on the market, how to decide on the right hot water system for you and where to go for professional assistance.

Benefits of an Electric Hot Water System

Here, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why clients choose an electric hot water system in preference to other options on the market. Some of the most common benefits of choosing a hot water system that runs on electricity are:

Less Expensive

These days, everyone is trying to save a bit of money for a rainy day and having an electric hot water system is the way to do this. Not only are electric hot water systems less expensive to invest in, they also tend to cost you a little less in the long run.

Easy to Install

When compared to other types of hot water systems – specifically gas, which requires a gas line hook up and other installation requirements – electric hot water systems are fairly easy to install if you have access to a stable electrical connection.

No Ventilation Required

Unlike other hot water systems, electric units do not need as much ventilation. This means that they can basically be installed anywhere within reach of electricity.

Energy Efficiency

Electric hot water systems have been proven to be a little more energy efficient than the alternatives. This is because they have less emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.


Longevity is one of the reasons our clients choose electric hot water systems for their home. While gas units can last up to a decade, the lifespan of an electric unit can be up to (or even more than) fifteen years.

Reduced Maintenance

Electric hot water systems are built differently to gas or solar options. They are fairly straightforward with fewer external pipes. As such, there is reduced maintenance and potentially fewer repairs when you install this type of system for your hot water requirements.

Less Space Required

Most electric hot water systems these days are fairly compact. This means you need less physical space in which they can be installed, which makes them a preferable alternative for many homeowners.

Access to Electricity is Everywhere

One of the reasons why electric hot water systems continue to be popular for many residents is availability. As long as you have consistent access to an electricity grid (as most homeowners do), you’re ready to have an electric hot water system installed.

How to Decide on the Right Hot Water System

The hot water system you require will ultimately depend on a number of factors from the peak times in which you use hot water, to how many people are in your household and much more. And making sure you have the right system for these needs can be tricky. That’s why we always suggest consulting with a professional plumber (such as those we have on our team) before making a decision.

Think an electric hot water system is right for you? Contact our experienced team for more information or to arrange installation.

Why Choose an Electric Hot Water System