Why You Need a Licensed Gas Plumber

Why You Need a Licensed Gas Plumber: Gas Fitter

Do you really have to hire a licensed gas fitter? There are many compelling reasons you should hire a plumber who is also a licensed gas fitter.

Gas is dangerous and highly combustible and that is why its handling is restricted to licensed persons only. The slightest error can result in dangerous consequences.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a licensed gas fitter:

Safe Handling

From installation of systems to maintenance and repairs, leak detection, conversion, a licensed gas fitter has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle all these jobs in a safe manner. If you are putting up a new house, engage a licensed gas fitter in the planning process to ensure safe installation. Likewise, if you are moving into a new house and you are unsure of the gas history of the home, it would be prudent to have a gas fitter come over and carry out a safety inspection.

Proper Diagnosis

A licensed gas fitter is trained to properly diagnose the problem and provide the appropriate solution. They also have the tools and equipment to help them detect problems. Over and above this, a gas fitter will tell you the actual condition of your gas system – inspecting the gas line, pipes, and appliances for dents, breaches, corrosion, poor installation, leaks and overall safety. If there are issues with your system then the gas fitter will provide solutions for implementation.

Licensed Gas Fitters are Answerable to a Professional Body

There is a governing body that has set out codes of conduct, rules, and regulations surrounding the handling of gas and gas systems. This body ensures only those who adhere to the regulations retain their licences. Non-compliance and proven shoddy work can lead to fines, possible conviction, and loss of licence or restrictions on the licence.

Possess a Wealth of Knowledge

Do you have queries, concerns or worries concerning gas? Talk to the gas fitter about it. A gas fitter possesses a lot of valuable knowledge. Learn more about how your systems work, telltale signs of trouble and what to do in case something goes wrong. Many gas fitters are also plumbers and they should be able to help with plumbing issues or point you in the right direction.

Voidance of Warranty and Insurance

Gas appliance and systems warranties become null and void if you use a fitter who is not licensed. The same scenario will apply to your insurance. The insurance company will deny any liability should they establish that damage resulted from installation or repair by an unlicensed fitter.

Our Services

RPG Plumbing is a member of the Queensland Gas Association and holds Type A and Type B qualification for the handling of gas. Our commitment goes beyond certification and we continuously strive to ensure safe utilisation of gas.

Residents of North Brisbane can call on RPG Plumbing for:

  • Installation of gas appliances and hot water systems for domestic, commercial and industrial use
  • Maintenance, repairs, and replacement of gas appliances, hot water systems, and pipework
  • Detection of gas leaks and repairs
  • Safety inspections.

Do you a Licensed Gas Plumber

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Why You Need a Licensed Gas Plumber: Gas Fitter