Advantages of a Gas Hot Water System

What are the advantages of gas hot water system?

Recently, we talked about the benefits of choosing an electric hot water system, but what about gas? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of buying a gas hot water system over other models on the market, and when to contact our qualified team at RPG Plumbing.

Why Choose a Gas Hot Water System? 

There are many reasons why residents opt for gas hot water systems when investing in such a purchase. Here, we’ll break down some of the reasons why it might be the best choice for you and your family.

Easy Installation 

Just like electric hot water systems, gas hot water systems are able to be installed quickly and easily. This means you experience little to no disruption to your everyday activities and can focus your attention where it’s most needed. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

These days especially, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve their impact on the environment. 

Choosing a gas hot water system over other options on the market is a great way to do this. This is because gas hot water systems only heat when in use, so your energy consumption is monitored.

Improved Heating of Water 

How many times have you gone to have a nice hot shower at the end of the day only to find the water takes its sweet time warming up.

Gas hot water systems are able to heat the water in your tank much faster than other options, which makes it a lot more convenient for you.

Consistent & Continuous Temperature

In the same way the water is able to heat up quicker in a gas hot water system, it’s also much more effective in maintaining a continuous flow of water, at a temperature that is optimal for usage. 


It’s a common concern that gas hot water systems are not as safe as their electric counterparts. This is, in fact, a myth. Gas hot water tanks are run on propane gas, which is not toxic, making it very safe.

Economical to Run 

Like many of us, you’re probably looking for ways to save yourself money. Gas hot water systems are known to be more cost effective to run than other options on the market. That’s why many people are choosing these types of systems for their home. 

Cleaner Water 

Corrosion, rust and build up can be an issue in electric hot water systems. But this is not an issue with gas hot water systems, meaning you and your family have access to cleaner water every time you use it. 

When to Contact the RPG Plumbing Experts 

When you’re in the market for a new hot water system – be it electric or gas – you want to ensure you’re choosing the right model for you. With years of experience working with hot water systems, our qualified team has the right advice for you to help make an informed decision

To arrange for your gas hot water system – or find out more about your options – talk to RPG Plumbing today

Advantages of a Gas Hot Water System